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E-ZPass Click HereE-ZPass Plus is the easiest way to pay for parking.

Paying for parking at Atlantic City International Airport is quicker and easier with E-ZPass Plus: the electronic system that enables E-ZPass customers to use their E-ZPass tag to pay. 

Pay your parking fees at Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) with E-ZPass Plus!

When using E-ZPass at ACY you must enter through an E-ZPass only lane in order to exit with E-ZPass. Your E-ZPass account will be debited for the parking fee if the fee is less than $20. Parking Fees greater than $20 will be charged directly to the credit card used to replenish your account. Airport parking transactions under $20 will appear on your E-ZPass statement. Transactions over $20 will appear on your credit card statement.

If, for some reason, your credit card information is not current, E-ZPass will decline your transaction and you will receive an invoice for your parking fees directly from the Airport. To be eligible for E-ZPass Plus you need to replenish your E-ZPass account with a credit card and keep your information current.

Have a problem?
Simply push the "HELP" button on any entry lane, exit lane or pay station or contact a parking supervisor at 609-645-7895 Ext. 3778

Special Needs
Handicapped access to the shuttle is available. Please contact the parking attendant on duty to arrange for handicapped shuttle access at 609-645-7895 Ext. 3778 or 609-289-1066

For special boarding procedures for handicapped travelers or for families with small children, contact your airline directly.

You may use E-ZPass Plus if you meet the following criteria:

1. Hold your account with an E-ZPass service provider listed in the box below.

2. Replenish your E-ZPass account with a credit card:

  • If you do not currently replenish your account using a credit card and would like to switch your E-ZPass replenishment method, call the appropriate E-ZPass service provider.
  • If you have a prepaid E-ZPass business/commercial account, call your E-ZPass service provider to have E-ZPass Plus activated on your business/commercial account.

If you are an E-ZPass Plus customer but do NOT want to use your E-ZPass to pay for parking, you have two options: 

  • You can pay by cash or credit card at the Auto-pay machines
  • You can pay by credit card at the exit lane, following the instructions at the machine.

If you encounter a problem with using E-ZPass Plus, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

For additional information regarding the E-ZPass program,
contact your E-ZPass service provider:

New Jersey Customer Service Center: (888) 288-6865
Website: www.ezpassNJ.com
New York Customer Service Center: (800) 333-8655
Website: www.e-zpassNY.com
Delaware Department of Transportation: (888) 397-2773
Website: www.ezpassDE.com
Delaware River and Bay Authority Customer Service Center: (866) 372-2382
Website: www.drba.net
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission: (800) 972-5061
Website: www.drjtbc.com
Maryland Customer Service Center: (888) 321-6824
Website: www.ezpassMD.com


  1. Your E-ZPass tag may not be properly affixed to your windshield. If it is in the wrong position, the system may not read it.
  2. Your E-ZPass account is not with an authorized service provider. We transact with the New Jersey Customer Service Center; New York Customer Service Center; Delaware Department of Transportation; Delaware River & Bay Authority Customer Service Center; Delaware River Port Authority or Delaware River Joint Toll Commission, and the Maryland Customer Service Center. Other originating agencies may be added later.
  3. You may be replenishing your E-ZPass account by check or cash, not by credit card. Only accounts backed by a credit-card account can make an E-ZPass Plus transaction.
  4. Your credit card account may no longer be accepting new charges or over its limit. Check with your service provider or credit card provider.
  5. Your E-ZPass tag is not functioning. If that's the case, you cannot use it for highway tolls either. Check with your customer service agency, and if need be make arrangements for a replacement tag.
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