Emergency Services

When a motorist on the Atlantic City Expressway has a problem, he or she can count on getting some help soon from our roadway knights in white trucks, the Emergency Services Patrol. Their vehicles make continuous circuits along the 44-mile Expressway, stopping whenever they see a vehicle pulled off to the side of the roadway. They will assist you without cost for these basic services:

  • Tire changes, pump air into a tire
  • Emergency gasoline and water
  • A battery boost to get your car started
  • Roadway assistance, calling for a tow or other emergency service if the ESP cannot get your vehicle roadworthy
  • Motorist assistance, provide directions

If you have a problem with your vehicle, pull off to the shoulder of the roadway and activate your flashers. If you are equipped to perform your own repairs, proceed with caution. If you need help, call #ACE (#223) or 609-965-7200 if you have a cellphone. Both are hotlines to the dispatchers who can send you an ESP vehicle or a state police vehicle (or both).

Do NOT flag down another vehicle. That creates a hazard for them and possibly for you, Instead, tie a white handkerchief or other cloth to the driver’s-side door handle, and either a passing driver will report it or a patrolling emergency vehicle will spot it.

You can assist the ESP mission - and also fellow drivers - by calling #ACE (#223)or 609-965-7200 on your cellphone whenever you spot a vehicle with a problem. Just note the nearest milepost marker before you make the call.

If you are the driver of a disabled vehicle, you can call #ACE on your cellphone.
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