Tuesday, November 28, 2023


This information is for all new companies, contractors and vendors wishing to obtain a Security ID Badge for their employees at the Atlantic City International Airport.

New Company Introduction

This information will introduce your company to the Security ID Badge procedures at the Atlantic City International Airport. Once your company has been awarded a contract to begin work at the Airport, a company representative must complete a Signatory Letter (sample template located under Badge Forms). This letter must be completed on your company letterhead and include contact information and an email address. This letter will introduce your company to the airport, reference the project/business associated with your company and will include the signature of the company representative that can authorize requests for Security ID Badges and employment certification. This letter must be emailed to the Operations Supervisor (email located on template) and be approved prior to starting the Signatory process.

This chosen representative will become the Authorized Signatory for your company. An Authorized Signatory is the person who coordinates the Security ID Badge process for your company, signs page 3 of the badge application certifying employment, and will be the person responsible for Security ID Badges issued to your company (badge deactivations, returns, audits, etc). 

Authorized Signatory

 To become an Authorized Signatory, you must complete a Security ID Badge application (located under Badge Forms) and sign for yourself as the Authorized Signatory on page 3. Please utilize the PDF fillable version as we do not accept handwritten applications. Upon completion of the application, call the Operations Supervisor at (609) 645-7895 ext. 4759 to make a fingerprint appointment. At the time of the fingerprint, the applicant must bring the completed application, a credit card, certified check or money order (cash is not accepted) made payable to South Jersey Transportation Authority and two forms of identification listed on page 6 of the badge application.

 After fingerprinting, a Criminal History Record Check and Security Threat Assessment are completed. The badge application approval process could take up to two (2) weeks. Once approved, you will be directed to take the online training modules (located under Training) required to be an Authorized Signatory.